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Fleet Lab

The automated, scalable and secure way to manage a connected device fleet.

Control and keep track of your connected devices

The GAUS solution lets you control and manage your connected device fleet. Seamlessly distribute new software, get real-time device metrics and usage insights. It leverages our vast experience of managing 100 million connected mobile devices for well over a decade.

Focus on value

Focus on value

Get the data and tools you need to start working with data driven insights.

Plug and play

Plug and play

Seamless integration into your existing IT infrastructure.

Keep your fleet up to date

As soon as you release a digital product, its software starts to become outdated. Keeping connected devices updated is key – from feature growth to security updates. GAUS offers an easy-to-use Fleet Manager with phased or instant deployment.

Know your fleet

In fleet management, knowing your devices – from what software versions they are running to detailed insights about your users’ behaviour – is vital. With GAUS, it's easy to set up a customised view to suit your organisation’s needs.

Connect and unlock the potential of your devices

Manage status and software distributions for all your devices in one simple dashboard. Deploy the latest software release to all devices in three simple steps. Confirm how many devices are running the latest security patch. Investigate the live-stream of device metrics.

Contact us

Contact us

Contact us to set up a demo with your device fleet.